#92 Speedway Gas Station

Clermont Speedway Gas Station

Our girls would be throwing a fit if we told them we were going to Speedway for pizza.  I had told Rick we were going to  buy an entire pizza one night.  Luckily I received a coupon for a free slice of pizza.  So we made it a pizza morning.  Saturday at 8:30 a.m. to be exact.











Speedway sells a lot of pizza slices.  When I get my coke every morning at South and West Street every morning it goes flying out the door.  So I actually had high hopes for it.

Bought a coffee for Rick and my diet coke and went to the dining room; our car.

Apologize for the lighting being so bad.  It really is Rick and myself in the picture.













As much as I love Speedway’s fountain Diet Coke (and I get their diet coke every single day unless I am out of town) not a great fan on their pizza.


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#91 Apezza

10150 Brooks School Rd. Fishers

My Mac died and I had an appointment at the Apple store at Keystone at the Crossing.  Something wrong with the hard drive and they replaced it.   I have a living social coupon that was going to expire the next day so we headed to Fishers after the Apple Store.

Apezza is in a small strip center.  We walked in and were the only ones there. And no one came in the entire time we were there.  The owner waited on us. He said they were busy Monday and Tuesday, but this Wednesday they were dead.

Breadsticks first.   Great dough!!   They make their dough daily in a big trouth by hand. So good.








We ordered our regular pepperoni pizza, then the guy said they made their own sausage.  Ended up getting sausage on half of the pizza.  Served on a cookie sheet. Good pizza.


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#90 Olive Garden

10243 E. U.S. 36 Avon

The Olive Garden in Avon is always crowded.  I don’t think we had been there is 5 years.

We started with salad and breadsticks.  Remember when the salad bowl was full when it arrived at your table.  And Fazolis has better breadsticks. Olive Garden no butter. 😦



We ordered a pizza,  half pepperoni and half pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms.  Can you see the mushrooms?????


We couldn’t either. We sent it back and when it came back it was piled with mushrooms.  (the photographer forgot to take a picture).  Rick was a happy camper.  Pizza was just okay but tasted much better when the manager came over and said they would comp our pizza.

We also ordered a pasta.  Penne with sausage.  It was okay. The whole meal was just okay.


Think it will be another five years before we go back.

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#89 Greek Tony’s Pizza & Subs

1732 E. 116th Street Carmel


So Tony’s is a stand alone building next to a strip center.  Looks like it has been there for many years.  I had gone  by Tony’s on my way to the Palladium.

We ordered breadsticks and pizza.  Both were very good.  The breadsticks were huge.  We put one on a plate by itself to show how big it was.


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#88 Pizza King (Trains)

8100 U.S. 36 Avon

We have not been to this  place in YEARS.  Was a favorite when the girls were young because a train brings your drinks to the table.  I also know why we haven’t been there in years.  Screaming kids!  Oh my.

Anyways we ordered a strom and a pepperoni/sausage pizza.  Like I said the train brings your drinks.  Rick was trying to take a picture of the train when the drinks arrived, only problem was he was taking too long taking the picture and the train started to pull away, I grabbed them quickly.  We were laughing so hard.


Food had not changed.  Both were good, and  you know I like that chopped pepperoni.


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#87 Goodfella’s Pizza

9641 Olio Rd, McCordsville

We did not go to the restuarant.  Instead Marsha and Bill invited us to their house for dinner.  Marsha puts up 5 Christmas trees each year so we got to see them.  Their house looked beautiful.

They live in Giest, took almost an hour to get to their house during rush hour.  Marsha had everything ready when we arrived.


They ordered breadsticks and pizza. Marsha made a salad.


Zach their son was home for Christmas.  They got up the tripod so we could all get in the picture.  Zach had set it so it took picture after picture.  Here is what happened when the camera started clicking.   We had a good time that evening.

Bill, Marsha, Zach,Rick,Cindy

Bill, Marsha, Zach,Rick,Cindy


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#86 Amo Pizza

Downtown Amo

Amo Pizza is why I love this blog.  Jill, who cuts my hair lives out in the boondocks. She told me about Amo Pizza.  It is located in the back of the “grocery store” in Amo.  I use the term grocery loosely.  There are 5 or 6 of each item  on the shelves.

To get to Amo go west on State Road 36 5 or 6 miles west of Danville and then 2 miles south.  There is a elementary school, a library and Amo Pizza and store. THAT’s IT.


So we ordered the Family Special.  That was a large pizza and breadsticks.

this is the store, the red wall has the menu on it.  The yellow showing is the one booth they have.

this is the store, the red wall has the menu on it. The yellow showing is the one booth they have.

The kitchen

The kitchen

The girl working says people don’t eat in the store.  We placed our order, she told us to go to the cooler in the store and get what we wanted to drink and then bring the empty bottle to the register when we checked out so she could scan the bottle.

Rick choosing his beverage

Rick choosing his beverage

Well,  it was really good and the two women were so nice.   They said on weekends they are busy.

IMG_1204 IMG_1205

Amo Pizza won Best Pizza in Hendrick’s County last year.  On the wall behind is are all their customers holding the sign.


It was a great trip!

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#85 Toppers

12545 N Meridian St  Carmel

Toppers is across the street from Meijers in Carmel.  Someone had told me it was like Pizza King (it’s not).

The place had seating but don’t think many ate there.   They don’t have fountain drinks only plastic bottles.  We ordered bread sticks and two medium pizzas one with pepperoni and one with sausage.  After I order I read the menu closely and I could have had diced pepperoni (thus the Pizza King connection).

They  brought us the breadsticks and pizza at the same time all in to go boxes.

Breadsticks with garlic butter were quite good.  The pizza wasn’t too bad either


cheesy breadsticks

cheesy breadsticks


Sausage hand tossed

thin pepperoni

thin pepperoni

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#84 Rico’s Pizza

6547 Gulfgate Sarasota, FL

So this was our 18th year going to Siesta Key for Thanksgiving.  Favorite place in the world.  Tried three new restaurants, one of them being Rico’s.  Drove past it one night as we were coming off the island.  Place was packed on a Friday night.   My mom and I went back the next night.


We ordered a pizza and what they called a stromboli but was more like a calzone.  Pizza was New York Style and pretty good.


My mom tackled the stromboli,  It was very cheesy, great crust.


The next picture in which Haley is in the picture but hard to see, is where we ate our Thanksgiving dinner.  When we first started going to Florida for Thanksgiving NOTHING was open, the girls were 2 and 6 when we started so our Thanksgiving consisted of Sloppy Joes and PC&D (potato chips & dip) for many years.  Now there are all kinds of places open.


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#83 Bellacino’s

2683 E. Main Street, Plainfield

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  This trip was at the beginning in November.  Rick and I headed to Plainfield to Bellacino’s which is located in the strip mall that houses Pier One.

You order at the counter.  There were two high school girls working, or should I say talking in the back of the store.  We waited a few while they continued their conversation before one of them waited on us.  There was one other couple there.  Hmmm wonder why that could be.

So we ordered a tossed salad and a pepperoni pizza.  Rick had to go ask for salad.  Guess they were too busy talking to make it.  Neither the pizza or salad was anything to write home about.

We won’t be going back.



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